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Something Bleu Custom Charcuterie

Something Bleu Custom Charcuterie was created in the summer of 2020 and was built on a dream that owner, Brittany Worrell Boyce, held for many years. She decided to take a risk and launch her cheese and charcuterie business during a time where everyone was looking for the little things in life to brighten their day. There's nothing quite like a delicious cheese plate for fostering conversation, showing loved ones how much you care and offering that warm, fuzzy feeling of heartfelt entertaining.

Meet Brittany, owner of Something Bleu Charcuterie

I always dreamed of opening my own business, but it took several years for me to discover where my passion lies. I️ remember watching Martha Stewart on TV as a young child in awe of her style, and aspiring to be like her, a wonderful entertainer with brilliant ideas and a beautifully decorated home. Over the years, I️ honed in on my own home entertaining style and developed a love for crafting delicious charcuterie boards for family and friends. 

My love of charcuterie started out as a hobby, but after being inspired by friends back in Memphis, TN (where we lived prior to moving to Charlotte), I️ decided to make the leap and turn my passion into a business! My husband and three daughters inspire me daily and are my biggest cheerleaders as a small business owner.

I️ have loved every minute of creating custom charcuterie and hosting charcuterie workshops for so many of you in Charlotte and appreciate your support more than you know!

Check out my Amazon Storefront here for all of my cheese & charcuterie accessory favorites!

Something Bleu Custom Charcuterie is licensed, insured, ServSafe certified and operates out of a commercial kitchen in Cabarrus County, NC.

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